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PeLE – Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

PeLE-project  is a ESF-funded project (2008-2011)      THIS IS FINLAND


Savonia University of Applied Sciences ( SUAS)

Savo Vocational College

University of Joensuu


The main goal is to develop and pilot  personal learning environments in:

  • teaching and learning (SUAS, Health care unit)
  • competence tests (Savo Vocational College)
  • enterprise collaboration in student projects (SUAS Engineering and technology unit)
  • job seeking (SUAS Business unit)

In the end of the project we  will have answers to follow questions:

  • How the PLE is used and constructed
  • How to ”create” or ”build” PLE
  • How  does the PLE contributes to learning
  • How  do teachers use PLE 
  • How do students use and construct PLEs

In addition:

  •  What kind of applications PLEs can be implemented
  •  How the PLE is used in the identification and recognition of skills and in adult education competense tests
  •  How the PLE is being used for teaching-learning process 
  •  How the PLE can be used as a job seeking tool
  • Research findings on how the PLE promotes collaborative learning and learning management process

The project will test different social media tools provided, but the ”Tools are tools, we now need new approaches to reorganise  teaching and learning!”

We will update this blog (in english) using the comments field below. Follow it and write your own comments!


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